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The following instructional books and DVD's are maintained in the guild's library. They are available for checkout to guild members. See Waltteri Vakki.

Reference Texts:

ASM Handbook 9th Edition, Vol 1:
Properties and Selections: Irons & Steels

ASM Handbook 9th Edition, Vol 2:
Properties and Selection: Nonferrous Alloys and Pure Metals

ASM Handbook 9th Edition, Vol 3:
Properties and Selection: Stainless Steels, Tool Materials and Special-Purpose Metals

ASM Handbook 9th Edition, Vol 4:
Heat Treating

ASM Handbook 9th Edition, Vol 5:
Surface Cleaning, Finishing, and Coating

ASM Metals Reference Book
Second Edition

Practical Heat Treating, ASM

Modern Physical Metallurgy, Fourth Edition
R.E. Smallman, 1985  

Steel and its Heat Treatment, Bofors Handbook

Metal Plating and Patination: Cultural, Technical and Historical Developments


Bob Gunter (Disk 1 of 4)

Bob Gunter (Disk 2 of 4)

Bob Gunter (Disk 3 of 4)

Bob Gunter (Disk 4 of 4)

Bill Epps: Animal Heads

Bill Epps: Leaves & Flowers

Bill Epps: Bugs & Birds

Blacksmith's Journal Volume 1 *

Blacksmith's Journal Volume 3

Bill Epps: Making Tongs

Forge & Anvil: Basics, Tools, Welcome, Blacksmithing in America (Disk 1)

Forge & Anvil: Horseshoe, Charlston, Rural Heritage, DIY, Smoke Soot Steel (Disk 2)

Forge & Anvil: Iron Details, Furniture & More, Ye Olde Blacksmith (Disk 3)

Williamsburg Cooper/Gunsmith

Almanac: Armor; Modern Masters (Eng)

The Traditional Crafts of Japan *

Marshall Abel: Forging Stone Cutting Tools *

Sheet Metal Basics: Hand Tools *

Professional Machine Shop: Into to the Lathe (Disk 1) *

Professional Machine Shop: Cutters and Measuring (Disk 2) *

Professional Machine Shop: Leveling the Lathe (Disk 3) *

Professional Machine Shop: Chucks, Facing, Cutting Fluids (Disk 4) *

Professional Machine Shop: Manual Feeds, Tapers (Disk 5) *

Professional Machine Shop: 60 Degree Taper, Threading (Disk 6) *

Professional Machine Shop: Tapping, Boring, Knurling (Disk 7) *

Professional Machine Shop: Knurling (Disk 8) *

Forging Damascus (Hrisoulas) Disk 1 of 3

Forging Damascus (Hrisoulas) Disk 2 of 3

Forging Damascus (Hrisoulas) Disk 3 of 3

The Wire Hunting Damascus Knife (Goddard) Disk 1

The Wire Hunting Damascus Knife (Goddard) Disk 2

Knifemaking (White)

How to Work w/ Wrought Iron Intro to the Hossfeld Bender

Covell: Working w/ Tubing Covell: The Steve Davis Shop Tour; In the Shop w/ Craig Naff (Part 1)

Covell: In the Shop w/ Craig Naff (Part 2); Richie Willit

18th Century Hardware (Darnell) Disk 1

18th Century Hardware (Darnell) Disk 2

18th Century Hardware (Darnell) Disk 3

Forge Welding w/ Dorothy Steigler (Disk 1)

Forge Welding w/ Dorothy Steigler (Disk 2)

Forge Welding w/ Bob Patrick

Doug Hendrickson Kitchen Iron 1

Doug Hendrickson Kitchen Iron 2

Jal Harris Traditional Scrollwork Disk 1 of 2

Jal Harris Traditional Scrollwork Disk 2 of 2

David Thompson Working Tubing, Pipe, etc. (Bob Fredell)

Doug Merkel 2000 WMBA Nail Making, Nail Making Tool, Making Hammer, Trammel

Bill Epps 2005 BAM Brubaker UMBA 2002 Pipe Bending/Making Gigs

How to Forge a Frontier Style Tomahawk

RD105 Clay SpencerTire Hammer use & Tools

Ox Forge Special Operations, Bowie

RD52 99 UMBA, David Thompson/Bob Fredell: Tubing, Pipe & etc.

Home Workshop Knifemaking (Disk I and II of 2)

Blacksmithing Primer (Disk I & II of 3)

Blacksmithing Primer (Disk III of 3)

Custom Knife Sheaths with Chuck Burrows (Disk I & II of 2)

Scottish Iron

Persimmon forge Pedal Hammer


RD3 Paul Hubler: Shovel Making & Other

Elmer Roush: Hardware & Fixtures, Dragon, Wizard, Lily

Blacksmith's Journal Techniques Vol II

Making a Knife with Bill Moran

Metal Body Tech

How to Work with Wrought Iron

The HOFI Hammer and the HOFI Ergonomic Technique for Moving Metal

International Textbook Series Books:

175C Measuring Instruments

176 Drilling Machines and Practice

177B Lathe Work - I

178B Lathe Work - II

180 Planers and Planer Practice

181B Shaper, Slotter, and Boring-Mill Work

182 Milling Machines and Equipment

183 Milling Machine Practice and Work

184C Grinding Equipment and Practice

185 Gear Calculations and Cutting

186 Bench Work

187 Erecting

193 Patternmaking Equipment and Operations

205C Shop Equipment - Hand Forging - Tool Dressing

206C Tempering and Heat Treating of Steel

Audel's Plumbers and Steam Fitters Guide Series Books:

1 Mathematics, Physics, Materials, Tools, Lead Work

2 Water Supply, Drainage, Rough Work, Tests

3 Pipe Fitting, Heating, Ventilation, Code, Regulations

4 Gas, Sheet Metal Work, Welding, Motors

Machine Tool Reconditioning
Connelly 1953

The Science of Precision Measurement
The DoALL Company 1953

Holes, Contours, and Surfaces
Moore 1955

The Building Mechanics' Ready Reference

American Machinists' Handbook
Colvin and Stanley 1940

The Use of Handbook Tables and Formulas
Amiss and Jones 1939

Professional Smithing
Donald Streeter

Antique Iron

Complete Blacksmith
J. Hrisoulas

The Art of Blacksmithing
Bealer 1995

The Complete Modern Blacksmith
Weygers 1997

Wrought Iron in Architecture
Geerlings 1929

Forge Craft
Crowe 1913

Treasury of Ironwork Designs
Grafton 1992

Wrought Iron Artistry
Schmirler 1983

Schmiede-und Schlosserarbeiten
Hans Scheel 1959

Wrought Iron Designs
Norm Larson 1873

Art in Iron Volume III
Norm Larson 1934

Art in Iron Volume IV
Norm Larson 1932