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The following are descriptions of our key pieces of equipment and facilities, images to be added soon. General Equipment not pictured include: Anvils, Post Vises, Chop Saw, Drill Press, specialized tooling.

Runfa 40 Kg Air Hammer

Riverside 24 Ton Forging Press

50 lb Little Giant Power Hammer

Pheer Grinder, Variable Speed, 2 HP, 2x72 Belt Grinder with flat platen and 10” contact wheel

Kalamazoo 2x72 Industrial Belt Grinder with flat platen and 5” contact wheel

Propane Heat Treating Furnace

Propane Forge

Hypertherm Powermax 65 Plasma Torch

Miller 252 Mig Welder

Enco Milling Machine

Enco Lathe

24” Digital Tempering Oven

Industrial 12” Disk Grinder, 1750 RPM

Jet 18” buffing machine, 1” shaft, 3450 RPM

14” wire wheel pedestal grinder

Oxy-Acetylene torch setup with rosebuds, welding tips and cutting torch

Stick Welder

Band Saw

Industrial Drill Presses

Teaching Facility

Center Forge

Propane Equipment Area

Welding and Machining Area

Wood Shop